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The soft-spoken, peace-loving character has a darker side that can be as virulent and petulant as it can be influential and fascinating.As the film progresses, it becomes clear that not only is HR addicted to Bad Brains, the band simply cannot thrive without him.Wanters of weird will flock to the four offbeat, adult-oriented features in the Midnight Movies program.Their even uglier cousins are the Midnight Shorts, which committee member Jim De Santis describes as “raunchy and shocking,” adding, “We try to make people uncomfortable.” Making patrons uncomfortable isn’t exactly the goal of festival president Henry Maldonado, who wants the audience to feel at home at all festival locations, which include the Enzian in Maitland, Regal Cinemas in Winter Park Village and the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden. and the people who come to the festival know exactly what the filmmakers are doing, and they have a tremendous appreciation for them,” Maldonado says. filmmakers come to [in order to] lick their wounds and kind of re-energize.New mom Mary just wants to stay home and care for her 6-month-old daughter, Pearl, but her husband, Paul, is an unemployed screenwriter.

As a result, the film is more about the personalities than the music. – ★★ Sometimes, a filmmaker’s earnest attempt to capture the mundanity of real life backfires.

As the band members agree by the end of the film, Bad Brains are at their best when all of the founding members are working together.

Fans of Bad Brains probably won’t learn a lot of historical detail they didn’t already know from this film, but if you’ve ever wondered about some of the trials and tribulations the band has been through, this movie provides a bit of insight.

Band members openly discuss getting thrown out of England for failing to travel with the right visas, panhandling, selling loose joints so they’d have enough cash to make ends meet and the disappointments and frustrations of riding the line between fame and, sometimes, ignominy.

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Of course, no Bad Brains movie would be complete without an examination of the oddball personality who’s often been at the center of the band’s failures and fortunes alike: HR.The first half of the movie lays the groundwork for who Bad Brains are, through interviews with punk and hardcore legends (Henry Rollins, Ian Mackaye), friends and colleagues of the band, and old footage from punk clubs.

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