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What others say about this bibliography "This ongoing chronological bibliography may be worth bookmarking and checking every few months. (2003b) The NASA Astrophysics Data System: Sociology, Bibliometrics, and Impact Author eprint, March 2003, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, submitted for publication Kurtz, M. Only 6% of editors responding allow publication of articles that have previously appeared as e-prints. "Please weigh findings against the preponderance of evidence." American Scientist Open Access Forum, Open access to research worth £1.5bn a year, 28 September 2005, Vol. 3, 187-200, published online From the Abstract: To learn how e-prints are cited, used, and accepted in the literature of physics and astronomy, the philosophies, policies, and practices of top-tier physics and astronomy journals regarding e-prints from the Los Alamos e-print archive, ar Xiv.org, were examined.There's very little annotation, but it's a good brief bibliography on a narrow - but important - subject." Bollen, J., Van de Sompel, H., Smith, J. (2005) Toward alternative metrics of journal impact: A comparison of download and citation data (pdf 34pp) Arxiv.org, cs. (2004) Demographic and Citation Trends in Astrophysical Journal Papers and Preprints (pdf 14pp) Arxiv.org, astro-ph/0411275, 10 November 2004, Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. J., Eichhorn, G., Accomazzi, A., Grant, C., Demleitner, M., Murray, S. Consequently, it was not surprising to discover that citation analysis yielded no citations to CPS e-prints in the traditional literature of chemistry. Citation analysis illustrated e-prints were cited with increasing frequency by a variety of journals in a wide range of physics and astronomy fields from 1998 to 1999. (2000) The rapid evolution of scholarly communication PEAK 2000: Economics and Usage of Digital Library Collections conference, Ann Arbor, MI, March 2000.He reported two main conclusions: that articles available freely online yielded more citations; and that there was a high degree of association between high-prestige journals and frequency of author reprints. The results indicate that those wanting to find OA articles in these subjects, for the moment at least, should use the general search engines Google and Google Scholar first rather than Open DOAR or OAIster." , 32(2) 2008, 266-283 "aims to provide a general overview of the three largest, cited-reference-enhanced, multidisciplinary databases (Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science) for determining the h-index. (2008) Citation Counting, Citation Ranking, and h-Index of Human-Computer Interaction Researchers: A Comparison between Scopus and Web of Science, E-LIS, 10 March 2008, in Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 59 (11): 1711-1726, September 2008 Kloda, L. (2007) Use Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science for Comprehensive Citation Tracking, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 2(3): 87-90, 2007, also in E-LIS, 21 September 2007 Schroeder, R. (2006) A New Era in Citation and Bibliometric Analyses: Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar, ar Xiv.org, Computer Science, cs/0612132, , published as Impact of data sources on citation counts and rankings of LIS faculty: Web of science versus scopus and google scholar, in Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Vol. In fact, I found many citations there that were unique -- but this is not scientific, merely anecdotal." Sigmetrics listserv, Bosman, J., van Mourik, I., Rasch, M., Sieverts, E. (2006) Scopus reviewed and compared, Igitur repository, Utrecht University, June 2006 The coverage and functionality of the citation database Scopus, including comparisons with Web of Science and Google Scholar Wenzel, E. (2005) Comparison and analysis of the citedness scores in Web of Science and Google Scholar (pdf 10pp), Digital Libraries: Implementing Strategies and Sharing Experiences, Lecture Notes In Computer Science, 3815: 360-369, 2005, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Asian Digital Libraries, ICADL 2005, Bangkok, Thailand, December 12-15, 2005 Roth, D. (2005) The emergence of competitors to the Science Citation Index and the Web of Science (pdf 6pp), Current Science Online, Vol. Of course, if all papers were made open access by their authors, the relative effect would disappear. "Research impact translates into money: employment, salary, tenure money, as well as research-funding money: (1) RAE rank correlates with substantial top-sliced funding, (2) it also correlates highly (0.91) with citation counts, and (3) self-archiving increases citation counts by 50-250 %.Journals with high Impact Factors (New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Science, and Cell) were associated with a higher degree of author republishing than lower-impact journals. (2004b) The Effect of Use and Access on Citations Author eprint, September 2004, in Information Processing and Management, 41 (6): 1395-1402, December 2005 Harnad, S. The practical aspects of determining the h-index also need scrutiny, because some content and software characteristics of reference-enhanced databases can strongly influence the h-index values." Meho, L. (2007) Pointing Users Toward Citation Searching: Using Google Scholar and Web of Science, portal: Libraries and the Academy, Vol. 2, April 2007, 243-248 (full text requires subscription) Meho, L. (2006) Google Scholar beta, ZDNet, May 2, 2006 Brief comparison of Google Scholar and Microsoft Live Academic Search Bailey, C. Jr (2006) A Simple Search Hit Comparison for Google Scholar, OAIster, and Windows Live Academic Search, Digital Koans, author blog, April 13, 2006 A simple but revealing experiment: "It should be clear that a sample of one search term is a very crude measure". Do you really think that any researcher who is *aware* of those three correlations is being rational if he doesn't self-archive?DL/0503007, 03 March 2005, in Information Processing and Management, 41(6): 1419-1440, December 2005 Ongoing study Brody, T., et al. Articles Available Only Through Subscription ("Toll-Access") with downloadable graphs of '% Articles OA' and '% OA Advantage' by discipline and sub-discipline Schwarz, G. 36, 1654-1663 See also a note from AAS Pub Board meeting, Tucson, November 3-4 2003 "Greg Schwarz (from the Ap J editorial office) reported some work he's doing tracking citation rates of papers published in the Ap J based on whether they were posted on astro-ph or not: Ap J papers that were also on astro-ph have a citation rate that is _twice_ that of papers not on the preprint server" (2004) Eprints in der wissenschaftlichen kommunikation (Eprints in scientific communication) Author eprint, 26 October 2004, presented at the Institute of Library Science, Humboldt University, Berlin, June 1, 2004 "the use of eprints can significantly accelerate the scientific communication. (2003) Usage Analysis for the Identification of Research Trends in Digital Libraries D-Lib Magazine, Vol. Even though the policies concerning e-print citation and publication were inconsistent, the number of citations (35,928) and citations rates (34.1%) to 12 ar archives were found to be large and increasing. Also in Learned Publishing, 15(1), 7-19, January 2002 here.This was demonstrated by me with a small sample of articles in theoretical High Energy Physics published 19 in Physical Review D. (2004a) Worldwide Use and Impact of the Nasa Astrophysics Data System Digital Library Author eprint, January 28, 2004, in Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Vol. 1, 36-45, published online 20 September 2004 Hitchcock, S., Brody, T., Gutteridge, C., Carr, L. (2003b) The Impact of OAI-based Search on Access to Research Journal Papers Author eprint, 15 September 2003, in Serials, Vol. 3, November 2003, 255-260 Hitchcock, S., Woukeu, A., Brody, T., Carr, L., Hall, W. (2003a) Evaluating Citebase, an open access Web-based citation-ranked search and impact discovery service Technical Report ECSTR-IAM03-005, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, July 2003 Bollen, J., Vemulapalli, S. Author eprint the growing usage of information in electronic form (c.f.

(2004) Do Open-Access Articles Have a Greater Research Impact? (2004a) Comparing the Impact of Open Access (OA) vs. Nature, Web Focus: access to the literature, May 7, 2004 Testa, J. (1998) Citation Patterns Of The Physics Preprint Literature With Special Emphasis On The Preprints Available Electronically Author eprint, UIUC Physics and Astronomy library, c. (2008) Google Scholar's Coverage of the Engineering Literature: An Empirical Study, Journal of Academic Librarianship, Vol. 3, May 2008, 196-201 (full text requires subscription; abstract only) ar Xiv:0707.3575v1 [cs. (2005) Google Scholar (Redux), Thomson Gale, June 2005 Myhill, M. (2004) Web of Science Citation Indexes, Thomson Gale, August 2004 see also Comparative reviews Rexa.

College and Research Libraries, 65(5):372-382, September 2004 also Author eprint, E-LIS, 29 September 2004, Comment on this paper: Davis, P., Do Open-Access Articles Really have a Greater Research Impact? Non-OA Articles in the Same Journals D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 6, June 2004 Replicates the Lawrence effect -- OA increases impact -- in physics. 5 November 1998, presented at ACRL/STS on 6/29/97 Citebase Search "Search and citation analysis tool for the free, online research literature" , Sep/Oct 2004, 57-58 Brody, T. DL], July 24, 2007, in Online Information Review, Vol. Info Covers the computer science research literature.