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16-Aug-2017 12:40

First of all – they enabled optimistic locking for Invent Sum Log TTS table.

Second – they invented ‘Soft Deletion’ of invent Sum Log TTS records, so the req Trans update function can mark records as processed without causing long locks to other processes (because of actual deletion).

(I knew the place in the code before I went to a customer’s site). I found out that this statement placed U-lock over seemingly every page of the invent Trans (Or, at least, all pages with given dataareaid).

It was the following query from Invent Cost Non Financial Transfer Handler.update Invent Trans() method: update_recordset invent Trans setting Non Financial Transfer Invent Closing Rec Id = _invent Closing. Date Financial, Value Open = Invent Trans Open:: No where invent Trans. I never had a lot of experience with U-locks before.

Nevertheless Recently, I was invited to a customer who had started to use Inventory Closing functionality about a month ago. Every time when they were running inventory closing, the system locked all (or at least – most of the) invent Trans records, safely preventing users from any regular work with logistics module.

Before I came to the customer I already heard rumors that new functionality of non-financial transfer closing can cause long duration locks to inventory data. The sql statement which was a reason for show-stopper problem in IC was very easy to find. (Just for a test; I think it would be a bad idea in general). Then I tried to analyze lock information by selecting data from sys.dm_trans_locks table.

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Shortly speaking, any attempt to run inventory closing/recalculation safely prevent most of production-related functionality. In DAX2012, designers made some provisions to support inventory closing/recalculation execution in parallel with production operation.

Should the main transaction be rolled back, the system was to iterate over related records in table started to be also used to support dynamic update to MRP plan.

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