Stone butch dating

22-Jun-2017 16:04

It’s definitely a parody, an act.“It also connects deeply to my love of performing burlesque.I actually tried to be feminine when I first came out. It felt contrived, and it was because it wasn’t authentic.

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I think it’s worth noting that I feel like a high femme even outside of my clothing and makeup.” “I have been comfortable expressing my masculine energy as far as I can remember.

There is so much love, passion, and pride in these pictures. “I perform this hyper femininity because it feels really comfortable for me.

It serves as a physical manifestation of my natural state of mind (soft, elegant, glamorous, sweet), and it makes my heart sing.

As I allowed my high femme self to develop on its own, I found that I wasn’t fighting with myself over how I presented.

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It came naturally after deconstructing my thoughts on performing femininity and re-building what it all personally meant to me.

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