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22-Oct-2017 22:54

According to Mc Daniel, a healthy polyamorous relationship needs the same basic building blocks as .

It's highly unlikely that someone would just stumble into a polyamorous relationship without talking about it extensively with their partners, and have everything run smoothly.

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(Though they were all private about this arrangement.

In fact, Byrne's sons didn't know that Marston was their father until 1963 — nearly 20 years after his death.) What's more is that Holloway and Byrne continued to live together after Marston's death in 1947, giving even more credence to the idea that this relationship was something both of them chose — not something the man in their lives hoisted upon them.

And while some individuals consider polyamory a core part of their sexual identity and identify as “polyamorous,” others may become involved in polyamorous relationships, but not necessarily consider it a core part of how they identify. Some polyamorous individuals see all their partners as equal; others may have a “primary” partner who they may live with, split bills with, or consider their emotional anchor, and then have secondary people they date and commit to, according to terms laid out between the individual and his or her primary.

But one thing is consistent: Polyamory is all about respect, open communication, and the ability to live love on terms that work for the people involved in the relationship.Together, Marston, Holloway and Byrne engaged in a relationship that not only produced In fact, the movie's portrayal of the relationship (which, according to Marston's personal letters, seems to be accurate) is a great example of how successful polyamorous relationships can be.

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