Online dating referrers

17-Jul-2017 01:34

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Spam bots can use various methods to disguise themselves, so that they can’t be easily detected by any security measure.

They can pretend to be a web browser (like chrome, internet explorer etc).

They spam under the belief that if a server log is publicly accessible (i.e.

it can be crawled and indexed by Google) then Google treat the referrer value in the server log as a backlink thus positively influencing the search engine ranking of the website being promoted.

Even using the premium version of Google Analytics does not protect from you being hacked/spammed.

Affiliates are most likely to benefit from sending fake traffic as they get commission.

They can pretend to be traffic coming from a legitimate website.

Not all spam bots are developed to send fake traffic to Google Analytics.

The fake referrer header contains the website URL which spammer wants to promote and/or build back links.

Bots are generally used for web indexing (indexing the contents of websites).