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It was revealed Amanda was pregnant by September 2015.She never told the rest of the squad, though the fact was realized by serial killer Greg Yates, who taunted her about it.After this, she is forced to work for them so she won't get exposed to her partners and her job.Amanda is told to steal a gun from evidence and later is caught by Detective Amaro from video tape surveillance.Captain Cragen chose to get her help instead of firing her.

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(SVU: "Forgiving Rollins") Amanda agreed to be a "good girl" and sleep with Deputy Chief Patton in order to get her sister off the hook per Patton's request.When the team learns of it, they go to where the show houses the participants and tries to talk to the girl. They ask for the videos but the producers are not being cooperative.Eventually they learn who they guy is and try and bring him in but can't.Tucker arresting Amanda in Captain Cragen's office.

The charges against Amanda are later dropped when Amaro tapes Kim confessing to setting Amanda up.

Senior Detectives: Elliot Stabler • John Munch • Odafin Tutuola • Olivia Benson Junior Detectives: Olivia Benson • Monique Jeffries • Odafin Tutuola • Chester Lake • Amanda Rollins • Nick Amaro • Dominick Carisi, Jr.